Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hello! Do you enjoy reading as much as I?

Hello everyone, my name is Jane. I just created this blog today and intend to post in here quite often. I'm a southern witch who loves to read from such authors as Katharine Briggs, Nigel Jackson, Brian Bates, Eric De Vries, Edred Thorsson and Brothers Grimm. And this does not skim the surface of the books I've collected through the years.

Above are a couple of pictures showing just a small amount of books I own. Feel free to share your own favorite books. Who knows, we might have the same tastes.


Sea Witch said...

So glad you found my blog and will use the Crisp recipe. You will adore it, easy to make and you bless your house each time you release those amazing scents from our oven. I'm a red roading medicine woman but carry the energy from my Celtic heritage and the voodoo from my very early French New Orleans side. Talk about a battle of wills. LOL

southernwitch said...

LOL, you crack me up. I understand the power of ancestors as my native american roots are tied strongly to that of hoodoo. I mean, really, who has ever heard of a heathen woman drawn to such a practice? Right? ;)